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by | Sep 19, 2016 | 0 comments

Sibelius, Finale, Cubase, Sony Vegas, Melodyne, Adobe, Pro Tools, Logic, We Voice…

Will it ever happen in my lifetime that somebody creates a program that does it all? I mean alllllll!?!

An daw that also has a great video editor, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier, and Adobe After Effects, all had a great idea and they do a terrific job with their software. But there’s no midi implementation so music production is limited.

So here’s the dream I recently had .

All of the Eggheads at Steinberg , Sony, Celemony, Syncro Arts and PG Music, got locked in a room, and they weren’t allowed out until they came out with the ultimate post editing software. For lack of a better title I will call it “EVERYTHING”!

It would do it all pitch correction time correction, ADR , full midi implementation and include all the bells and whistles Vegas and Adobe video products have.

I understand that not everybody is in the same place with this stuff but it was quite a dream. I soiled myself with excitement.

Ah yes but it’s early in the beginning of the 21st Century so I may not be here to get to see this or hear it but I know it’s out there.

Did I mention I want that multi-track Melodyne thingy that they put into PreSonus Studio One to be in this dream?

Oh well, enough of this I’m going back to sleep. It was more fun there.


live the dash


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