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WE WON FIRST PLACE – Liverpool International Theatre Festival

by | Jul 15, 2016 | 0 comments


May 18-22, 2016, the Gypsy Stage Company, under the direction of Internationally acclaimed director, Ruth K. Brown, took our work, Women are from Venus, Men are from Uranus, to the Liverpool International Theatre Festival in Liverpool Nova Scotia Canada.  They represented the United States against an amazing lineup of talented directors, actors and theatrical works from all around the world. Competing countries included Argentina, Columbia, Egypt, Georgia, India, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Portugal, United States of America, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

Well, it was a very talented group of people, with some amazingly written plays, all performed at one of the most stunning events involving the entire community of Liverpool Nova Scotia in a way that was positively second to none!  It was such an honor to be a part of this, to be among such talented peers and with a devoted and giving community such as this.

The Gypsy Stage Company was fortunate to come home with lasting memories and they brought us a really big present … the First Place award for our work.  It was such a thrill for our work to represent our country in this way and we wish to express our profound gratitude to the Gypsy Stage Company and Ruth K. Brown for their love of our work and belief in its ability to “bring home the gold.”

Women are from Venus, Men are from Uranus is a comedy we wrote one day while speculating, “what if God were a Lab technician and Adam and Eve were actually in a petri dish.”  After Gary and I stopped giggling so hard over that one, and after getting past some of the really lewd jokes that ensued, the play began to take shape.

Well now we finally know the truth about the origin of Mankind!  It all began in a Petri Dish at the Genome Observation Department … who knew?  If you’d like to learn more about this silly 4 person play, please visit the page at TLC Scripts, where our works are represented: Just Click Here.

To see some photos from the event and the trip, Please Click Here.


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